Premiere: THEM Recordings Presents Decaf Black’s ‘The Compilation’ EP

THEM Recordings announce the release of Decaf Black’s EP, ‘The Compilation’ executively produced by LyteHeadStudios.

Decaf Black enlists fellow top-notch emcees including Keith Murray, Planet Asia, Mic Handz, Rockness Monsta, S.C. Static, Skanks The Rap Martyr, and Justice & Lyric Black to deliver havoc on his new 7-track EP ‘The Compilation.’ Black also links with Supreme Da Almighty and LyteHeadStudios for production, with cuts by Jopholo.

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Each track although diverse in substance and production, delivers a communal representation of boom bap and exemplary Hip-Hop. Black touches upon ejecting wack rappers out the game, being a radical in war zone filled streets, his deflected spliced soul, dances with the devil, and leaps of faith. On the flip side, he also delivers a couple of tracks with a chill vibe and catchy flow to blare on the b-ball courts and celebrate summer; copacetic with good vibes b-boy style.

The contributing producers lay down mastered arrangements of gritty beats and heavy bass, mysterious tones, and soulful jazz that amplifies the emotion felt from Black, bar for bar. Thorough cuts and scratches from Jopholo adds a dose of ear milk adrenaline sure to please Hip-Hop enthusiasts worldwide.

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