Milano Constantine & Showbiz Take Us on a Journey with ‘Boulevard Author’ Project

Milano Constantine is back! This time he blesses us with production from the legendary Showbiz of D.I.T.C. and a new album fresh out the oven titled Boulevard Author. Milano paired up with Showbiz to provide us with smooth, hardcore elegance. Constantine paints vivid scenes with his bars from street tales. He elaborates on how he overcame his brush with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His rhymes sound like calligraphy over Show’s hard drums and movie-like samples. I‘m big on music that I can listen to while I‘m driving and these beats roll out like a great travel soundtrack.

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Milano spills some slick talk with a lot of dope details to keep you locked in. Having a project solely produced by one person is a great way for an emcee and a producer to build a unique sound together. This is the type of hip hop I rock with. I like every song on the joint and that’s hard to say about a lot of new music. That’s just my humble opinion.

suggest you cue this up for an out-of-town trip in a whip with a good system. This one is reserved for people who like that fly talk.

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2 thoughts on “Milano Constantine & Showbiz Take Us on a Journey with ‘Boulevard Author’ Project

  1. Milano & Show never disappoints. Always classic material. It’s the DITC Way !!! Dj 250

  2. Album is so good! Tempted to say it’s some of Show’s best work, but hard to say that when he’s got 30 years of the dopest beats. Milano is lyrical royalty as of this joint. Best overall hip hop record of 2019. Calling it!

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