Producer’s Hot Seat: Wavy Da Ghawd (Interview)

Emerging producer Wavy Da Ghawd has been making quite a mark in the underground music circuit. His skills are astounding. It reminds me of some of my fav beatmakers rolled into one. His ability to create soulful soundscapes while creating his own niche is quite impressive. We caught up with Wavy to gain insight, his take on hip hop, and his remarkable rise as a dope producer.


Who are your musical influences?

I grew up listening to a mix of stuff Brazilian jazz, Russian funk, psychedelic jazz, Cambodian music from the 60’s most of these sounds that move me is from that era of true pain.

How did hip hop impact you as a youth? What song or album made you want to be a part of hip hop?

My older cousins used to let me listen to Slick Rick, Rakim and Brand Nubian they really played a heavy hand in my love for hiphop music. The album that made me want to be apart of this culture was The “Purple Tape” Only built for Cuban Linx by Raekwon.

Who are your top 5 producers of all time? Why?

Madlib because he’s elusive. Premo brings the grit. 9th Wonder has the best soul chops. Pete Rock has the hard hitting drums. Alchemist is psychedelic with his chops.

What made you start producing?

The RZA and Zilla Soundz the whole 93-97 RZA’s production was timeless. Although he’s not on my top 5, he’s on my top 10. Zilla Soundz is my older cousin. He was making beats in NY before I came here from Florida. He really inspired me throughout my childhood. He showed me some tricks then I flew with them.


What is your creative process when making music?

I really just keep good people,thoughts and things around me, heavy musical playlists. Sounding off and me just looking for loops or segments to play with, there’s no method to my madness.

Do you think production is lacking creativity nowadays? Are people just playing it safe? Just following trends?

Indeed they play the safe route and following trends the production now I could don’t lack, but I smell fear of just being innovative being you and giving the people their “art”, no individuality is at play in this hip hop community.

If you could make an epic album no expense spared, who would be on your project? Why?

This is a no brainer for me to say Ghostface Killah and why? Easy he’s the Wally Champ hands down, all jokes aside Ghost really help cultivate that sound that made me love hip hop.


I would like to thank Wavy Da Ghawd for chopping it up with Weekly Rap Gods. Your contributions to hip hop don’t go unnoticed.