Yellow Balaclava & Whatamess Paint Vivid Scenarios in ‘Long Verses With Art’ Album

Yellow Balaclava and Whatamess team up to create a masterpiece. The project is titled Long Verses With Art. This colorful collaboration is a hard body boom bap soundscape. The production ranges from a host of underground beat-smiths. There are seven sizzling joints on there. Everyone one of them is fire. However the standout  tracks are “Stain on the Wall”, “Not Over” and “What’s the Word”.

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I’m an art enthusiast on all levels so I love the concept and creativity. The duo delivered a solid polished body of work with just the right raw appeal and edge. Whatamess has been showcasing his skills in the underground hip hop arena. His voice is commanding , flow is brazen, and the wordplay is heavy. Be sure to add this lyrically to your boom bap collection. Cope some art! Long Verses With Art is as explosive as a Jackson Pollack painting.