XP The Marxman Releases Hardbody “Sincere Leader” EP + “Microwave Money” Visuals

Los Angeles underground hip hop artist XP The Marxman been rocking out for twenty years. The seasoned vet is hitting the masses with warm up EP Sincere Leader. It’s solely produced by Slide Beats. Tracks include “Pest Control”, “CAPS”, “Fortune Teller”, “Microwave Money”, “Sincere Leader” and “Boss Goonz” as a bonus track! It’s quite an explosive EP. As if the bar game didn’t blow up the scene enough, the art steals the spotlight as well. The cover is XP accompanied by his mom holding some heavy artillery.

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XP The Marxman gives the fans a hearty appetizer before he serves the entrée with his album titled Nomad produced entirely by Ice Rocks. This project features Roc Marci, Hus Kingpin, Supreme Cerebral and many more. XP delivers a barbaric flow and venomous word play that’s smooth yet cunningly calculated. Stream Sincere Leader! You’ll thank me later!

XP The Marxman also released hot new visuals for “Microwave Money”. Watch now…