Lyric Jones Serves Up Visuals For “Fettuccine” Single

Lyric Jones releases first single  “Fettuccine”  off forthcoming collaborative project Acquired Taste, with producer Giallo Point.

“Fettuccine Alfredo dishes are known for being heavy and leaves you full. It’s a very dense dish. That’s how I’m coming at cats with these bars on this…HEAVY”. -Lyric Jones

Lyric lays naysayers theory and craze claiming female rappers hold no substance to rest, “N*ggas be gossiping more than b*tches do, rap dudes is crybabies on the low, bungie jumping to conclusions then bounce back on another man’s d*ck.” 

‘Jack-ie of all trades’ reminds industry puppets she’s not on any ‘sucka sh*t’ and continues to reign as her own boss. “Head on a swivel like how the ex cons do it, using this teaching thing as a conduit.”  

The video’s aesthetics depict authentic Hip Hop; one emcee spewing slick wordplay, and clever rhyme schemes over boom bap production. “Cut from the fabric where keeping your word is a habit, n*ggas got me ‘trippin like my room is padded.” 

“Fettuccine” hits heavy after Lyric’s previous soulful releases, proving her A-game as respected MC has not fallen waist-side. Bar for bar she delivers an ear candy dependency sure to hype and please Hip Hop enthusiasts worldwide. Stream “Fettuccine” above and watch the video below.

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