Lupus Dei Releases Bold “Beautiful Dei” LP

Underground hip hop artists Lupus Dei drops bangin’ Beautiful Dei album. The Home Team crew has some ill spitters. Lupus Dei is definitely putting his lyricism on display. He recruits heavy spitters General Back Pain , Wrek Greys and Mr. Pay Per View to create an audible delight. There is a slew of producers on this project such as Chuck Chan, Onaje Jordan, Lou Brindell, Dameechie, Melo on the Beat, Solow Beats and Mr Wrek.


Buy/Stream ‘Beautiful Dei’ Here

Lupus Dei expresses himself eloquently. His description of the project is thought provoking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He views what one may deem as a lost cause or hopeless as beautiful, full of potential, and endless possibilities. Salute Yellow Balaclava on riveting piece of artwork that’s deep and conveys so many powerful messages. Check out the project. You won’t be disappointed.