Rel McCoy & Grimace Love Urge the Listeners to Cease “The Moment”

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and neglect to live in the moment. Rel McCoy is back with another single off the forthcoming A Different Crown. “The Moment” features a guest spot from emcee Grimace Love.


Whether you’re beating yourself up over past mistakes or tiptoeing on the cusp of a dazzlingly bright future, for many of us; just being present and enjoying the moment is a rarity.

For his fourth single on Illect Recordings, Rel McCoy keeps it moving while staying still and enjoying “the moment”. Alongside Grimace Love, Rel excitedly catches the seconds and makes the most of his minutes with an urgent flow over a triumphantly delightful instrumental. Guest star Grimace Love makes his presence felt with a battle-tested lean by proudly declaring his desire to own his point in time while still allowing faith to keep him grounded.

Even if your season feels another world away, step into the present and embrace this moment.

“The Moment” is out now on Illect Recordings.