L.I.F.E. Long Let’s Loose on ‘The Lost Liggy Files’ Project

Underground hip hop artist L.I.F.E. Long unearthed some lost gems on his latest installment The Lost Liggy Files. Three tough tracks titled “Surveillance”, “Escapism” which features Breez Evahflowin and Blacastan, and “Golden Session” which features Akil from Jurassic 5 and Zakee of Pitch Black.

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The pulsating production is created by Shawneci. Supreme cuts by DJ Afar. This album is fueled with crazy cadence, witty word play and bold bravado. This is a boom bap collector must have. There’s also amazing vinyl available! The artwork is vibrant and captures the essence of the project concept. Salute L.I.F.E. Long for sharing these jewels.

Album Drops Officially this Friday – Pre-order now