Ea$y Money Is Back To Deliver ‘7 Grams’

He had a brief retirement, but Ea$y Money is back like he never left with his newest EP, 7 Grams. You get an intro plus 6 full length tracks, all produced by Shortfyuz. The only guest here is fellow ST. Da Squad member, Termanology. For this release Ea$y wanted to keep the traditional formula of raw beats and rhymes, while tying into the Droga theme of prior Shortfyuz material. The emcee eased back into the game organically without compromising any of the ingredients that went into what would become the final product.



After the short intro, Ea$y starts off with “Retired???” riding the beat, rapping in Spanglish with a satisfying cadence. On “Real Spiel”Shortfyuz laced the track tight with a finely executed backdrop to match Ea$y’s straightforward, “pure, uncut bars”:

“With my team if you provide food you straight/Bring nothing to the table we remove your plate”

The entertaining Baja Panty” featuring Termanology is definitely the party joint, and while it had to grow on me, I give props to Ea$y for his energetic delivery that went hand in hand with the production. The dark, slower soundscape of “Bifeo” was perfect for the concept of 7 Grams, and the lyrics were mean. “Tripleta (Freestyle)” is composed of 3 verses and 3 completely differently instrumental switch ups. The project comes to a close with the smooth “Still Gettin’ Money”, where Termanology makes one last appearance.

Ea$y was on point with every type of sound Shortfyuz provided, whether he’s rapping in English or Spanish. Normally, I don’t like having to translate what I’m listening to, but this worked for me because the delivery kept me engaged, and I simply looked up whatever words I didn’t understand. I like these two as a duo and wouldn’t mind hearing a follow up as I’m sure they plan to cook up some more. For now the project is available on most platforms, and coming soon, you’ll be able to purchase CD’s from Ea$y and Shortfyuz directly. Follow their social media accounts to stay in the loop as they will make an announcement for the physical copies once it becomes available. It’s great to have you back, Ea$y.

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