Producer’s Hotseat with Superior (Interview)

German based producer Superior made a buzz this year when he teamed up with one of the top emcees out of upstate New York. After dropping ‘Long Story Short‘ with Eto, many folks wanted to hear more and know more about who Superior was. While this wasn’t his first project, it was certainly a standout success. Producers deserve just as much credit as the emcees who spit over their beats. After reaching out, Superior and I were able to get in a few Q’s and A’s, so read on below.

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You got to work with one of the top emcees making major moves. When did you first discover Eto and what prompted you to reach out to him?

Man I first noticed Eto a few years ago. During the time when Omerta got finished. I was searching through Soundcloud and bounced on his profile. I immediately knew that this MC was something special.

What do you normally listen to on a regular, daily basis? Do you listen to a bit of everything?

I mainly listen to rap music. Preferably new stuff that comes out. Dope songs come out weekly. That’s what I play on my smartphone when I’m on the road. During the later hours I vibe to music from the 70’s. Soul and Rock. I try to just get myself in a comfort zone and get in a trance to absorb the slightest hidden elements of a song. Because you never know when that special sample is wating to get chopped up.

How long have you been producing? Was this something you always wanted to do or did you have other plans and decide to dive into production later on?

 I’m a Hip Hop junkie and have practically been producing every since I can remember. I wanted to try out all elements of Hip Hop. After costing out everything I saw my major strength and passion as a dj and producing. I got serious about it and made it my profession. My first producer album “Scenes” was released in 2015.

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You’ve worked with some other familiar names. Chicago based emcee Verbal Kent is someone I’ve listened to over the years solo, and as a part of Ugly Heroes. Can you tell me how you guys ended up working on your collaborative project ‘Half My Life’?

I had Verbal Kent on my album “The Journey“. The album had a total of 20 features. When the song “Mastermind” was recorded, it impressed me so much that I told him we needed to make a bonus track, which led him to being the only MC with 2 songs on the album. The bonus track turned out to be “Freedom”. The song was so strong it lead us to the conclusion that we should do a complete album together. Shortly after we started recording “Half My Life”.

What qualities do you look for in terms of deciding what emcees you want to collaborate with? Not everyone is compatible with one another. Since there’s so many different artists out, what is it that makes you want to reach out and say “this is someone I really want to reach out to and work with”?

At first I listen to the beat and picture how an MC will sound on it. I then draw out the details of the song in my mind and just let it take over my emotions. When I first heard Eto I had that certain sound in my head and knew which direction we could take things. His deep lyrics and style of rapping inspired me from the jump, which made the album turn out so good. So I just have to be inspired by the rhymes and flow and the rest is just a matter of converting and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

How do you feel about the Hip Hop scene where you’re located? Do you feel that the fans where you’re from support local artists/producers and those from the U.S. the same way?

I live in Germany. Over here it takes a bit longer for the people get their ears to listen to the new dope music. Trap is more in focus. Trap artists are currently flooding the charts. Among the top 30 songs about 20 are trap artists. They get the most  support and attention due to the huge market of mainstream listeners. The dope Hip Hop such as Griselda, Roc Marciano or Eto only covers a small portion of the market. There are a few that listen to what we do, but it could be better. Through Facebook and Instagram I am able to communicate with those that love what we do. In Germany I am one of the very few that represents this grimey sound. That’s why most of my fans come from the U.S.


What has been one of your highlight moments so far as a producer and what other standout goals do you wish to achieve within the next couple of years?

My personal highlight as a producer is most definitely the “Long Story Short” project with Eto. This body of work has had the most impact so far. The feedback has been overwhelming. After this album dropped, people have been writing me daily, asking to work with me. My social media followers has increased tremendously. My Instagram account itself went from 2000 to 7000 followers. Our colored vinyl was sold out within a week. As for my goals, I just want to do dope Hip Hop music and supply the world with pure listening pleasure. I try to reach the spirit and soul of every individual that listens to a Superior production. That’s it. My priority behind it all is that I remain grounded and keep it real with myself and the fans.

After the well received ‘Long Story Short’ LP with Eto, do you have any other projects dropping this year or will you wait a while before putting something else out?

My next project will be with Estee Nack. The album is almost finished. We will release 3 videos. One will be with Eto. The song is gonna be heat! The whole album is gonna be fire. You guys can be excited, cause I’m already amped up. Eto and myself have already decided to do another album together, so be on the look out for that as well. We plan to release it sometime at the end of this year. Hopefully we can get it done by then.

Wow, that’s great to hear! Is there anything last minute announcements you’d like to make or is there anyone you’d like to shout out before we wrap this up?

Shout outs definitely go out to Below System and Tuff Kong. These two labels believe in me. I am so appreciative and honored to work with them. What I also want to get off my chest is, people shouldn’t think for one minute that the famous names in the music business are also the better artists. That’s not the case at all. They mainly make music for the industry and the masses. We make music for those that are in the streets and those that have a massive plan about real music coming from the heart. Don’t believe the hype!

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It’s a pleasure to give the spotlight to those who craft the beats for the joints we love. If another project is in the works with Eto, it’ll be great to see what else they come up with. I’m also looking forward to hearing this upcoming collab with Estee Nack. Until then, if you want to hear previous work, check out his project with Verbal Kent called “The Journey”. A sincere thank you to Superior for your time and I wish you continued success.

Purchase ‘Long Story Short’ with Eto & Superior now