Supreme Cerebral is the “Grimy Type”

Supreme Cerebral just fired off shots on his newest joint “Grimy Type”. He’s a verbal war machine who loves to body any track he’s on, whether it’s on his own or on a feature. He lets you know what type he is on this loose single that was produced by Italian beat maker Luca Moustaches. The beat is subtle, and allows you to focus on SC’s pen heavy bar game that’s truly out of this world. When you hear the name Supreme Cerebral or his alter ego Bugzy Nino, just know he doesn’t do simple, so you will more than likely give his projects multiple listens to go over his heavy rhyme schemes. 

I’ve had the opportunity to see SC perform live and he’s just as lethal onstage as he is in the lab. This was my first time hearing of Luca and his production. You can check out Grimy Type on SoundCloud. If you’re still hungry after, Supreme also has an LP dropping with Eloh Kush called Clark Connoisseurs, which will be dropping on July 9th. CD copies will be available on the release date, along with an ill raffle giveaway for a pair of dyed Clark wallabies so mark your calendars.