Marlon Craft’s Controversial View On “Gang Shit” + New ‘Funhouse Mirror’ Album

Marlon Craft opens eyes and ears and rattles America to it’s core in his latest video “Gang Shit”, produced by Arbus Beats. Craft depicts gang life through the psyche of a white cop, a Klan member, and a black gang member.

The video begins with a disturbed ‘white’ city cop staring in the mirror as he savagely narrates a day in his shoes. A day that entails blatant fear behind his badge not knowing when ‘blacks’ will violently protest or retaliate. Standing in front of an American flag unified with other fellow white officers his lyrics echo  ‘riding for my gang’ and ‘I bleed blue’.

The next raged verse is by an active Klan member spewing his love for Trump and the nation. Birthed into the Klan his genetic demise is to make America ‘white’ again.

Finally Craft takes us inside prison for a chilling, hair raising verse from a ‘black’ gang  member. He encompasses an identical, mirrored reality. Birthed into a gang with allies as brothers until death, he strikes fear before it strikes him.  He clears up the controversy in one simple lyric, ‘we all on our gang shit’.

Arbus provides gritty production blended with thundering bass to intensify the tormented emotion that plagues this thought provoking track. Watch “Gang Shit” above and pre-order Craft’s forthcoming album “Funhouse Mirror” below.

Order “Funhouse Mirror” on your preferred streaming platform here


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