Joell Ortiz & Salaam Remi ‘BoxTalk’ EP + “Shake Dat Je’llo” Video

After the release of his collaborative project with Fred The Godson and The Heatmakerz, Joel Ortiz links with producer Salaam Remi for a new EP titled ‘BoxTalk.’

The veteran emcee represents Brooklyn in this 5-track EP, which is heightened in tracks “BoxTalk” and “Brooklyn What.”  He makes reference to both booth work and street work, “I should get my liquor license, I’m just out here with bars.” He also epitomizes the hell legends go through to catch the glory. Both tracks will shake car mirrors with the gritty production, bombastic scratches, and NY style thumping bass.

“Shake Dat Je’llo” is a chill track to groove to.  It exudes classic flows along with a rendered 70’s vibe that transcends us back to bustling discos and jumping house parties.

Ortiz delivers continuous lyrical bombs in “Keep’n On” and “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.” Stunting with a Yankee hat and raw Nikes, Ortiz is no longer street sweeping, in fact he’s ‘gone in 60 seconds’ and when he dips off in his Porsche it ‘sounds like 911’.  Although he’s toasting to the grind and shine; that new Porsche dwells on the old block…

The chemistry between Ortiz and Remi rejuvenates the authenticity and mecca of Hip Hop. ‘BoxTalk’ is an invigorating dose of earmilk set to hype up NY boroughs and global masses. Stream the 5-track EP below.

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