Miskeen Haleem & Rob DeNiro Drop “Blackkk History” EP

We have another history lesson for our hip hop enthusiasts! This time it’s Blackkk History presented by new artist on my radar Miskeen Haleem and dope beatsmith Rob DeNiro. The production is gratifying and enthralling. Rob DeNiro hit the mark on creating an amazing soundscape to compliment the concept of the project. The EP consists of 8 invigorating tracks.



Miskeen Haleem is an exceptional lyricist. He addresses a range of topics with vigor and tenacity. “Stolen Land” is my favorite track it features Iron Lungz and All Hail YT. The artwork depicts a revolution which is in sync with the title. We as a people endure lots of adversity. What better way to express yourself and reach individuals if not through the music. Check out Blackkk History on Bandcamp.