General Back Pain & Flu Astound with Brazen “Bovine” Project

Home Team crew is making power moves! First of all, congrats is in order for General Back Pain who just signed to Tuff Kong Records. Now General Back Pain and Flu are set to drop a raw boom bap project titled Bovine in a few weeks. The first single “Offal” features Killy Shoot, Chuck Chan and Lupus Dei and Deuce Hennessy. It’s an awesome appetizer for the main course. I had an exclusive listen to the project. Let me say the tracks are dark menacing, lyrical and alluring. The project consists of eight electrifying tracks!

Album Coming Soon

The sinister sound scape is wickedly delightful. I love the grit of the pulsating tracks and the masterfully matched collaborations exude pure chemistry. The entire project is heat but “Python”, “Offal”, “Bovine” and “Charcuterie” stand out to me the most! Kudos to General Back Pain and Flu on an exemplary body of work! Secure your copy of this gem.