NEMS “Lil N****s” & “Who Got Ya” Official Videos Produced by JazzSoon

NEMS drops visuals for “Lil N****s” off his new 13-track project “Gorilla Monsoon”, out now on all major platforms.

Stream NEMS x JazzSoon “Gorilla Monsoon” LP  here on Spotify

Lyrically, under two minutes, the hyped monsoon spits on graves of whack rappers and ‘lil n****s’. It’s evident NEMS maneuvers through the streets and industry strapped with right hooks and merciless bars.

The classic New York beats and knocking bass from JazzSoon triggers the body into break moves while  simultaneously amplifying the uncouth message from NEMS.  Watch “Lil N****s” below:

Purchase NEMS x JazzSoon “Gorilla Monsoon” LP  here on iTunes

Nems also drops “Who Got Ya” video – paying homage to Brooklyn (Coney Island) spittin’ flames as usual over a resample of the late great Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya”. Peep it: