Sareem Poems & Newselph Are “Kickin’ It”

Even though his government name is Solo, the man known as Sareem Poems is back, this time with super producer Newselph, who plays the Anvil to his Hitman.

The new single titled Kick’n It, is from the duo’s upcoming project due out shortly on Illect Recordings. The song is an addictively simple assemblage of chunky funk and the yes y’all sensibilities of the back in the days. Sareem crushes the groove with a nimble four finger ring flow referencing Kane, Suede Pumas and dookie gold chains.  In his typical fashion, he manages to fit several gems into the snuggest spots in his stanzas, most notably in the second verse where he pays homage to the Creator who he is tuned in with at all times. Newselph’s production feels like it could have been created in Marley Marl’s Queensbridge apartment back in the 80s, which is a good thing. The bass aims straight for the face, and the drum break could blow trees back and crack statues. This duo has exhibited the kind of chemistry that should have taken years to develop, but all it took was a nostalgic trip from the old to the new.