Libretto & Buscrates Connect For ‘Eternal Ridin’ Project + Limited Edition LP

The duo of emcee Libretto & producer Buscrates makes a special debut on WRG with their new full-length collaborative project titled ‘Eternal Ridin‘. The 11 track body of work exudes the true school mentality that these two cats abide by from the profound lyricism of Libretto and Buscrates’ vintage tinged production.

Eternal Ridin’ by Libretto & Buscrates

Eternal Ridin’ is a true LP. From “Sentences” with its vivid 1st hand description of life in federal prison, to “Stuck in Time” which details a love and connection to music, every song has its place, and every song tells its own story. Yet, there is an overarching theme, one of redemption and standing strong in the face the struggle. The struggle that is universally understood, and the unique struggle of what it means to be oppressed in America.

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