Ciphurphace Will ‘Make Hip-Hop Understandable Again’

“Ciphurphace…Kollectiv on the track – we back!”

This is how the first song “80” opens up on Ciphurphace‘s new EP. 80 straight bars, no hook. Over a grimy track cooked up by the Ohio beatsmith, Ciphurphace delivers this declaration:

“It’s time to make Hip-Hop understandable again
Beastly flows – it’s the animal within
Flows so hard – break your mandible and chin
Every bar I spit – tyrannical and grim
Phaced God – I ain’t got no love for you pagan clicks
High-level lyricism – amazin’ scripts
I know it’s hard to understand like subtitles turned off on Asian flicks
This is a product of Will like Jaden Smith”

Make Hip-Hop Understandable Again‘ is the latest offering from Ciphurphace. In a little over 20 minutes total, the Phace man gives us 6 songs with his Hip-Hop aura in full effect. As if mentioning this is even necessary, there is absolutely no mumbling on this project.

Available on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal and more:


On “Biscuits From A Can” (featuring Jake Palumbo) also produced by Kollectiv, the Phaced God drops some clever lines that are sure to catch the ears of cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there… “Listen my friend – flows are high end like boutique shops in Soho / I’ll take every Bit of your Coin – Block ya Chain like Satoshi Nakamoto”

Additional production comes courtesy of CasZack (U.K.), Habeas (Tucson, AZ), Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha (the Netherlands) and phdbeats (San Diego, CA).