Murs & 9th Wonder Announce New Album & Release Two New Singles

This past March marked the fifteenth anniversary of Murs & 9th Wonder’s partnership, as their debut collaborative project, Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition (which was released on Def Jux) exceptional introduction laid the groundwork for the strong bond that has been cultivated since and also for a lot of great music.

Over the course of the last fifteen-years, Murs & 9th have been prolific as a duo.  Since Murs 3:16, they have released five additional albums and though their last collaborative effort, The Final Adventure (2012), hinted that the end of the series was upon us, today both of these legends reunite for a victory lap.

The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over (the title references the two poems that are attributed to Greek poet Homer) is the final installment of Murs & 9th Wonder’s epic journey and it will be released on 7-19-2019 via EMPIRE.  In addition to the album announcement, Murs & 9th also released two new singles, “Night Shift,” (produced by Kash) B/W “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt” which is produced by 9th Wonder.

Stream Murs & 9th Wonder “Night Shift” B/W “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt”:

You can now pre-order, add and favorite Murs & 9th Wonder’s The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey is Over: