Device Trax Self-Produced Single “Pour It Out”

Multifaceted artist and The Clergy member, Device Trax, delivers new heat off the group’s recently released project titled “NtroDuksioN.”  The project features DJ GlibStyelz, DJ Modesty, DJ Tray, and more turntable masters.

Stream “NtroDuksioN” Album here on Bandcamp

The leading single “Pour It Out”, produced by Trax himself is an ear pleasing track brimming with thumping bass and classic boom-bap splurged with an uncanny mix.

The Youngstown, Ohio native known and respected for his raw lyrics, songwriting, and production; manifests a lyrical canvas inspired by the dopest and wackest emcees. The intro, a sinister laugh from Trax, sets the tone for what’s been brewing underground. “OG with a belt to chastise all.” 

Trax provides lyrical imagery and quick-witted punchlines to describe his mastered moves in the industry.  Before the ‘profit speaks’ he soaks up everything, fills it to the top, then pours it out on the beat; no gimmicks or sugarcoating.  Stream “Pour It Out” below.

POUR IT OUT Produced by DeviceTrax by DeviceTrax