Gladiator Pen’s Album Sales Go to Charity

Gladiator Pen make raw hip hop music and donate all their money to charity. That’s right! Raising a Reader has been their #1 cause.

(MC’s: Ciphurphace, Puritan, Blaze Rock, Floyd Write , Phal Kilmer, Mister Riot, Ohm, Simple Wizdom, Judgement DJ’s: Blesd 1, J20, Psychopat Producers: Pac0naut, Rashad Cross Singer: Marques Elliott, Miss Rebecca)

When we asked Mister Riot to explain why they have chosen Raising a Reader and what they specialized in, he replied:

“Raising a Reader is a program that educates parents on how to make reading a part of the lives of their children. Southwest Human Development is a charity organization based in Phoenix. I saw what they were doing in the community and decided to donate to their organization.”  — Mister Riot

On April 25th 2014, they released their debut album The Literacy Project. Now they return with their new album titled Roman Numeralz and ready to give it all to a good cause – with your help of course. Again, all proceeds from this project will be donated to Raising a Reader (SWHD). So be a part of the movement!

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