Pearl Gates X Wordsworth Deliver Heart-Felt Single “Sincerely Yours”

“This is a letter to my exes / I wrote it in a song I didn’t have your addresses” – Wordsworth

Years of collaboration between the conscious dream duo of Wordsworth and Pearl Gates have produced memorable results, including:

If history is indicative of the future, the upcoming full-length collaboration project Champion Sounds – produced entirely by Quincey Tones – is going to be incredible.

Trailing lead single and Myndz-directed video “Live On Air” released earlier this month, Words and Gates follow-up with more fire: “Sincerely Yours” – a heartfelt ode to forlorn and forgone relationships with a promise to practice patience and love. The duo trade verses lamenting their treatment of past flings while Tones laces a violin-and-soul sample akin to Jay Z’s “Song Cry” or Ghostface Killah and Raheem DeVaughn‘s “Do Over.”

“Really excited for people to hear the album. Was a pleasure to work with Words and Gates on the project, as well as all the fantastic features and musicians that came through in the process.” – Quincy Tones

As if the clear chemistry between Gates and Words wasn’t enough, Champion Sounds boasts an absolutely incredible line-up of features: Kool G Rap on the title track, Rasheed  Chappell on the aforementioned “Live On Air” single, Talib Kweli (“These Days”) and Masta Ace (“Youlogy”) amongst others.


This was an incredible experience and the only duo album I’ve done, which made it even crazier. It’s difficult to find another artist who understands the history of hip-hop from this current generation and gifted enough to sing, rap and produce without compromise.”  –  Wordsworth

Over the years we’ve been able to build a good balance on records while recording with hip-hop collective theIdea as well as feature work, etc. To finally be able to get a full project done with Wordsworth is like a kind of fulfilled destiny, since we work well together creatively and conceptually. Once we linked up with Quincy Tones, it was only right we put our perspectives in a full-length arena to truly capture the dynamic in a way that reinvigorates the culture.” – Pearl Gates

With tracks such as “Sincerely Yours” and MCs like Wordsworth and Pearl Gates, the reports of hip-hop’s death are greatly exaggerated. Champion the sounds of true hip-hop.

Too much speculation / this is a dedication / to my future wife / hope you don’t leave me at the alter waiting / sincerely yours” – Pearl Gates

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