King Coldpack Releases Riveting “MAGA” Visuals

King Coldpack recently dropped a gem on the hip hop masses with his exhilarating Cold Mind album. The project was produced solely by emerging beatsmith Mindframe who can be heard on a slew of projects as of late. MAGA is the first visuals off the album.

I must say it’s mind blowing content is controversial and sadly a harsh reality in America. Racism and ALT Right agenda is running rampant in the country that promises liberty and justice for all. The visual highlights crazy protest and violent demonstrations. Under the guise of making America great again, the doctrine of hate and white privilege seems to be the narrative. King Coldpack did an amazing job articulating these dire times with powerful thought provoking verses. The art in a nutshell shows who is truly spearheading this insidious agenda. The artwork is absolutely amazing. Check the video out!