Yellow Balaclava Recruits Indigo Phoenyx, KillyShoot & General Backpain on “Gimme The Bitch”

“Gimme The Bitch” is the newest single by Birmingham, UK,  based producer Yellow Balaclava. The producer takes the role of supervisor on this gem as he recruits the talent of fellow producer LaPlum and emcees Indigo Phoenyx, KillyShoot And General Backpain who all bring their unique styles to the forefront.


The backdrop prepared by LaPlum has a very laid back and cinematic feel allowing the emcees to really showcase their superb lyricism and different personalities. Our very own Indigo Phoenyx opens up the track with slick bars as she explains:

…Music is therapeutic, it helps maintain my sanity/I spit to release stress, not from a place of vanity/ Kill switch on, I’m shutting off my humanity/ plain and simple you just upset ’cause you can’t handle me…

KillyShoot comes next with his somewhat gruff style which changes the feel to some degree and ends with General Backpain who brings the track to closure on some OG type tip.

“Gimme The Bitch” is taken from Yellow Balaclava’s upcoming ‘Alonzo’s Tale’ Tape.

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