RJ Payne Drops “Rubber Bands & Weight” BSF Remix

RJ Payne has been putting out hardbody music non-stop the past few years. He went from freestyling in his car to becoming a viral sensation. He then went on to start EIMG to distribute his music. He recently released his riveting Elohim project.Now he has been recruited by Benny the Butcher’s Black Soprano Family(BSF).

As a result, we have Rubberbands & Weight BSF Mix. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing RJ Payne. I followed up with him regarding his new endeavor.

How does it feel since we last Interviewed to come to this part of your musical journey?

RJ responded:

It feels like I just started over, now the real work begins

Congrats RJ! BSF couldn’t have selected a better candidate to add to their hardcore arsenal. Check out this rugged remix.