Ricky Bats “Blue Laces” Freestyle #TheMarathonContinues

Gotham City Music Group and Ricky Bats release “Blue Laces”, an emotional freestyle in honor of Nipsey Hussle and Bats’ late grandmother.


The video begins with Bats lyrically spilling his wrongs and rights side by side an attentive priest. Although Bats isn’t religious, it’s times like this he needs to pray. Even though the famed Bronx heavyweight has orchestrated the illest and constructed an empire, at times it’s hard to let the past be the past.

Bats wears his heart and soul on his cape for this one to let go of pent up pain and inner pressures. In the end, healing shines through. Watch “Blue Laces” freestyle below.

#TheMarathonContinues #RIPNipseyHussle