Slim One “Lay You Down” Video Ft. Termanology x NEMS x Flee Lord

Slim One and Termanology release visuals for “Lay You Down” off the recently released “Iconic” Album.

Slim One x Termanology debut “Iconic” LP

Termanology enlists fellow lyrical mercenaries NEMS and Flee Lord to execute a grimy street tale, conspired in a cryptic alleyway.


The trio been through the dirt, curated deals with the devil, and came out on top of the empire state, ‘gorilla style’. “Bars filled with pain cause the scars still remain, besides my mom getting slain I thank god for the game.” -Flee Lord 

As thorough lyricists and street militants they make it unmistakably known that if you run up on them, they’ll lay you down and watch your body decompose. “Crib full of roaches, stomach full of hollow sounds, now I fill these rappers’ mouths with hollow rounds.” -Termanology

NEMS comes in for the voracious finale slaying rappers and wannabe gangsters. “Bring up my name, speak of me highly, catch a buck 50 across your face, now they call you smiley.” -NEMS

Slim One brings it all together with a gully sound loaded with gritty, thumping beats and gripping tones. His hair-raising production intensifies the rawness spewed from each emcee.  Watch “Lay You Down” below.