Joell Ortiz x Olive Louise Bring “Tears” In Compelling Video

Joell Ortiz links up with songstress Olive Louise for heart wrenching video addressing the genocide of addiction and overdoses.

Stream “Tears” the remix here on Spotify

“Tears” the remix begins with shocking and frightful statistics regarding overdoses. In one year 222,000 overdoses result in death. That equates to 18,333, every month, 4, 583 a week, 654 daily, 27 every hour, and 2 before the end of the video.


Ortiz lyrically narrates true events of a young mother losing her battle with heroin addiction. He depicts her attempts and hopes to stay clean, but in the end she prevails a heroine over the devil’z poison.

The video displays smiles and nostalgic time spent with her daughter. But in a blink of an eye it vividly re-enacts the young mother injecting herself with a deadly dose of heroin, within mere moments of her daughter trying to heal her track marks with band-aids.

The veracious lyricism from Ortiz along with the eye-opening vocals from Louise will leave a life-defining impression on listeners. Watch “Tears” the remix below.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please reach out for help and call 888-659-9353.