Bun B x Statik Selektah “TrillStatik” (Deluxe Version)

The ‘trillest’ OG Bun B links up with iconic DJ/producer Statik Selektah for the highly anticipated “TrillStatik” LP.  The project was recorded just under 12 hours live on YouTube, with fans pacing and itching for the official release.

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The 14 track LP features heavyweight MC’s and a crew of  Hip-Hop’s most nonpareil catalysts including Method Man, Fat Joe, Talib Kweli, Lil Fame, Uncle Murda, Big K.R.I.T., Termanology, Westside Gunn, Smoke DZA, CJ Fly, Meechy Darko, Wais P, and more.

The common theme of ‘keep it trill’ throughout the album is amplified, track for track, by each MC’s uncanny lyrical flow and deliverance. The chemistry between Bun B, guest MC’s, and Statik is unfathomable, and somewhat unthinkable.  How can gritty, knife piercing bars flow impeccably over soulful jazz horns and piano keys,  infused with smooth, hypnotic soundscapes?  It’s ‘trillstatik’…


Bun B sets the album off with JoVantè in “Moving Mountains.” The trill OG is more trill than ever, reigning as CEO and representing the Underground. It’s been a long time coming, but a simple test will bring him back to the old days. “Still Trill” piggybacks off that message with verses from Meth and Grafh. These OG’s see right through rappers and the scruples they lack. To be trill you gotta be in it to win it, ride for the culture, and master living through it.

Fat Joe and Smoke DZA pay respect to Nipsey Hussle in “Basquiat.” This track aims to bring an appreciation for lyricism and Hip-Hop culture to the forefront. It also depicts beating the odds with eyes wide open and passing that message to the next striving enthusiast.

“Concrete” featuring Termanology and Westside Gunn embodies earned respect. Bun B pulls the reigns on this one proclaiming his untouchable, unbreakable, and unstoppable status. Term and Westside sweep rappers under the rug with their strong come up from struggles to toasting with legends.

Lil Fame and Wais P join Bun B in “Money” to drop jewels and decipher the difference between wannabe drug typhoons and hustlers who grind for the shine. Take heed to the countless jewels dropped from clout chasing and compromised souls, to allowing fame to control or self-motivate.

“Superstarr”, featuring Meecho Darko, CJ Fly, and Haile Supreme, questions motives behind wanting to become a superstar. Once the fame hits and everyone in and out of the game knows your name, smiles camouflage into death wishes.  “Paperwork” is another gripping track that features Uncle Murda who touches upon societal issues.  Murda and Bun B expose frauds and snakes in the grass who cause death to real, authentic men. They carry the ‘paperwork’ to bring those rats down; exploitation old school style.

Killa Kyleon and Propain team up with Bun B for “T.B.A.” (Texas Bar Association). Simply put the trill OG owns the fast lane, chasing bumpers and not slowing down. His lucrative bars are certified and gimmick free; 2 Pac’ing a laughing stock of weak rappers.

“Time Flies” featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Talib Kweli, “I Know” with Haile Supreme, and “All Good” featuring Tobe Nwigwe are reminiscent, self reflective tracks. Humble lyrics define a timeline of riding for family, crews, and Hip-Hop while staying loyal through all the growth and changes. Even though the fight is rough and there’s right and dead wrongs along the way, we are reminded to be thankful for any and all blessings; life being the most profound. This lineup of MC’s spew knowledge about the hood and how to build a legacy from it despite the odds and doubt from naysayers.

Paul Wall and LE$ waist no time in “Jon Snow” to set the record straight with Bun B. You can ride the wave of these conduits, who are the ‘trillest’ with the hardest flows or you can catch flame to the bars and turn to ashes.  Another man up track is “Lemons”, delivered in true Bun B style; instead of dodging lemons when life is pushing you, catch those b*itches and make lemonade. The OG speaks from experience as he’s been around the block and back again a few times.

Bun B finalizes the album with “How The Game Go.” The lyrically armed MC is going to continue to keep it trill and close cases on rappers who attempt to big time him. He’s earned the respect and now he’s collecting, one passerby at a time.

Statik Selektah and Bun B have curated a classic masterpiece for the Hip-Hop books. “TrillStatik” flawlessly captures the essence of instrumental jazz and soulful cascades and accentuates the diverse rhyme schemes from an ensemble of eclectic MC’s.

In the words of Statik, “some make excuses, some make history.”  It’s clear cut what we have here. Stream “TrillStatik”  (Deluxe Version) below.