Slim One x Termanology Debut “Iconic” LP


Slim One, Italian producer and co-founder of Street Ministry Records announces the release of his producer’s LP “Iconic”, executively produced by Termanology.  The 10 track project features an elite list of lyrical powerhouses including Ren Thomas, Nems, Mad Squablz, Flee Lord, Superstah Snuk, Chris Rivers, Wais P, Avenue, Ea$y Money, Krumbsnatcha, H Blanco, Ruste Juxx, Runt Dawg, Cane, Artisin, Syllables, M-Dot, Reks, Tek (Smif-N-Wessun), and Termanology. Each emcee handpicked by Term comes suited up, lyrically armed for the front line.

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“I’m very proud of this Slim One “Iconic” album. The beats were dope and I grabbed 19 dope MC’s and we just got busy over them. It was a real competitive vibe between the MC’s, and everybody brought their A-game.” -Termanology

This project depicts living life on ‘iconic’ terms and putting fraudulent rappers and naysayers in their place along the way; be it left on the sidelines as road kill, laid up on the trash, or scattered helplessly through the streets dodging chalk outlines.


“Funky Intro” sets the project off with superior mixes and scratches enticing listeners in for a journey filled with boom bap records, hood records, and real Hip-Hop.

In “Lay You Down” Term, Nems, and Flee Lord deliver warning shots for what’s to come next. The track defines street menaces and corner bosses. Anyone in arm’s reach who runs up will get clapped or laid down. They exercise bars filled with pain and unleash with fueled arson to keep rappers on their toes.

Mad Squablz and Superstah Snuk touch on the colossal foundation they’ve built in “Not the Same.” The duo spew venom about their stance in Hip-Hop that’s earned, respected, and solidified. Simply put, they’re here to claim what others can’t do.

“Just Do It” is a motivational track driven by Term and Rivers.  More prolific than any Nike commercial, it reminds us that even without eyes to see, hands to hold, or feet to walk we can still pursue any dream.

Taking it back to a pimped out 70’s flow Wais P, Avenue, and Ea$y Money get fly, crazy, and deep with the bars in “They Aint Us.” Not impressed by money, Gucci, or elementary rhymes the trio reign superior and show off their lyrical skills; no stylist needed.

Krumbsnatcha and H. Blanco seduce that Latin flow in “UGK.” They declare sought out American dreams and conquer them all. Boss status on the front line, the duo drops mobbed out bars while the competition falls waist side.

“Roaches” featuring Term, Ruste Juxx, and Run Dawg metaphorically captures shady moves of cultures vultures and street snakes. These roaches come in every color from mainstream to underground, to smiles in your face and knives in your back. Traps and deathly shoe stomps can’t keep these roaches down, they multiply in every crevice.

Cane, Artisin, and Syllables drop jewels in “We Keep It Underground.”  They sit back taking flights with whiskey on ice because they’ve paid their dues in the booth.

One of the most riveting tracks “No Mercy for Pigs” features M-Dot, Ren Thomas, and Superstah Snuk. It’s time to let loose, restore order, and start a revolution. This trio is coming for you and prepared to rid the poison from this sick planet, and their combative bars lay out the blueprint.

Term, Reks, and Tek of Smif-N-Wessun air out “Decisions” for the final track. This track offers halos and pitchforks at the crossroads of every decision to be made in life. Bullets or bars? Streets or the booth? Remember to respect your enemies and play your position.

The production laced throughout the album provides listeners with diverse soundscapes, and intoxicating beats that heighten the raw emotion felt when creating the album. “Iconic” encompasses gritty tones, impressive sounds of horns and piano keys, as well flawless blends of classic and innovative cadences. Termanology and Slim One deliver a timeless gem for Hip-Hop enthusiasts to revel in. Stream “Iconic” below.