Legendary Producer Pete Rock “Return of the SP1200” Album Hits Digital Platforms

Hip hop legend Pete Rock dropped highly anticipated project Return of the SP1200 on digital platforms today. The album was released two weeks ago on vinyl, and DJs and hip hop enthusiasts were going crazy to locate this treasure. Now everyone can enjoy the dope project from the hip hop icon which consists of 15 unreleased joints from the 90’s. The project is an array of masterfully crafted hip hop instrumentals. Bold cuts, hard samples signature hip hop sound we all grew to love from the veteran super producer.

Pete Rock’s sound embodies the essence of the boom bap. You can hear his influence in a lot of producer’s music. The majestic maestro has a way with sampling and drums. He created a riveting soundtrack back when hip hop was at it’s highest peak…the golden era. Any hip hop enthusiast should definitely add this body of work to their collection. Vinyl and digital are available. Pete Rock is one of my favorite producers. I look forward to hearing his upcoming project with Skyzoo titled Retropolitan. I’m sure it will be epic. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the Return of the SP1200. Big up the legendary Pete Rock on providing champion sound to hip hop lovers worldwide!

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