Apokalips The Archangel x Mr Jack “Plotting In The Cut” ft. Sacx One

Apokalips The Archangel is back this week with the fifth release off his forthcoming album “The End Of Days.”  The Queens powerhouse links up with Sacx One and Mr. Jack for the torrid single “Plotting In The Cut.”



The track begins with soulful sounds of piano keys ferociously intertwined with thumping, malevolent beats setting the tone for Apokalips’ lyrical entrance.  Listeners will feel the raw emotion and combative sting exploding from his merciless delivery as he continues to ‘murder the game Jigsaw’ style.

Bar for bar the unyielding emcee spews personal, rugged truth explaining why he’s “plotting in the cut’. Apokalips is one of the few loyal to Hip-Hop and his borough since lunch box days, and will continue to unleash his methodic rhyme schemes even after he’s gone.

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