Son of Queensbridge: Cormega (Interview)

The history of Queensbridge is solidified in Hip Hop history. Cormega is one of the cornerstones. The world first heard his name shouted out on the Nas classic, “One Love”. But Mega was making moves way before Illmatic hit the streets. After dropping several classics such as, The Realness, The True Meaning, The Testament and a slew of classic verses with Nas and Mobb Deep, Cormega has cemented his name not only locally, but worldwide. In part one of our two part series, we sat down with Mega Montana to discuss his new EP, Mega, which was entirely produced by StreetRunner, as well as his relationship with the late great Prodigy (RIP), and what artists he’s feeling right now. Here is part one…



Slim Scorsese here from Weekly Rap Gods and I’m choppin’ it up with the Queensbridge legend himself – Cormega aka Mega Montana. How are you doing?

I’m chilling, chillin’ man. Relaxing.

You got the new Mega EP that dropped December 26. How are you feeling about the new project and the responses to it? Cause from what I’m seeing, the responses are crazy.

The response you’re seeing is the exact same response that I’m seeing. I’m definitely moved by the response. I’m moved by the response and very grateful to the fans. They don’t understand how big an impact they have on me. So all I can say is, I’m moved. That’s the best way to put it. My supporters are amazing.


StreetRunner did all the production. How did that come about? Was it planned or did it just happen by chance?

StreetRunner always had respect for me as an MC and I always respected him as a producer. Sometimes me as an artist, I think that some producers are beyond me because they’re mainstream or theyre doing certain things and that I’m not an artist they’d work with or I’m on their agenda because they’re doing bigger things. But what amazed me and that I’ll always respect is that he treated me like a platinum artist. He’s worked with major artists and for him to prioritize me at this stage says a lot and I thank him.

How did you two connect with each other?

The person who gets credit for us actually meeting is my man Premium Pete. Maybe like ten years ago someone said, “Yo, StreetRunner wanna work with you.” I said, “Word? Cool”. I heard some of the stuff he did and said that’s dope. But we never met. So we were at this DJ convention and during a producer’s segment I heard some dope producers, but I was there as a fan listening. I wasn’t thinking about networking and Premium Pete was like, “Mega, do you know such and such?” So he started introducing me to people and he introduced me to StreetRunner and that’s how we officially met and we just exchanged numbers and took it from there. We just vibe outside of music. The rapport me and him have is incredible.

Havoc was the only guest on the project on the song “Live Your Best Life”. What’s it like when you and him link up?

One thing about Havoc is he’s always been in my corner. Like when I think about it, when I first came home, Havoc did the chorus for my song “Angel Dust”. When I was on the Survival of the Illest Tour at the Apollo, I’m the opening act for Redman, Method Man, DMX, and all these great performers. Who from Queensbridge came to support me? All the street dudes was there, but who showed up rap-wise? Havoc. It was a time people avoided me because they didn’t want to rub whoever I had problems with the wrong way. Prodigy and Havoc never turned their back on me.

What was your relationship like with Prodigy? In his book, he spoke highly of you.

Well you already answered your own question!! I didn’t read his whole book, but what I heard from numerous people is that you’re the only one who didn’t get shitted on in the book. I respected Prodigy because he wasn’t one of those rappers who wanted to hear your verse first and then he wants to do his verse. He had mad confidence in his craft. Two, when I came home you’re rusty. It was cats who was saying, “Mega not gonna be as nice as he was before he went in”. It was a lot of rappers from Queensbridge who wasn’t supportive of me. Prodigy was the one telling cats you can’t be as ill as he was and not get it back. He’s one of the few that spoke well of me.

Prodigy (RIP), Mega, Havoc

Benny the Butcher recently shouted you out on a record called “The Greatest”. What new artist are you feeling?

I like a lot of new artist. I actually respect what Griselda Records is doing, I like migos I wouldn’t look at them like I would a  Mobb Deep or M.O.P. but I like them they’re entertaining, I like Drake, I like Cardi B I like her entertaining factor I like currensy. I like the weekend I like Kendrick Lamar I love his passion and his energy I like Rhianna.

Listening to Mega, what’s your favorite song on the project?

I would have to say as a listener live your best life featuring Havoc because I’m getting someone from Mobb Deep and Cormega. And I like on everything because it’s challenging and I love genuine article.

Did you intend on making the EP 5 songs.

I originally said to myself since I’m doing an EP let’s make it five songs minimum and if we have time we can try to do seven but five minimum.

I also see you included the instrumentals as well. What made you want to include those?

I put the instrumentals as a bonus to the fans. People who follow me are hip hop heads they’re listeners. Also because I feel the instrumentals on this project are just as amazing as the lyrics.

What’s Cormega cooking up for 2019?

Legal hustle part 2 is coming out and definitely another Cormega solo album. The only thing that would stop a new Cormega album is if Havoc says he’s ready then we’ll do a project together.

Any last words before we wrap it up?

Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega! Go get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate all the support from the fans. I said if the people didn’t like it I was going to retire. Thanks for the love.


Mega is now available on all digital platforms and hard copies are available on Follow Cormega @iamcormega. Part 2 of this amazing interview is coming soon!

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