Premiere: Rockwelz x John Jigg$ x Prodigy “Mxnxpxly MOBB” (Video)

Rockwelz premieres the third video “Mxnxpxly MOBB” off his recently released album titled “Rock Stories by AESOP.”

The album is a compilation of records describing the growth from adolescences to manhood and addressing those trials and tribulations along the way. Rockwelz touches on those issues including young teenage boys playing the role as provider, families struggling to survive, being taken down by wannabe ‘mobsters’ and street thugs, chasing money, and even the awkwardness of finding oneself in a world that seems uncertain. However, “Mxnxpxly MOBB” conveys a different tale, one that hustlers aiming for a takeover can identify with.

Rockwelz enlists his Mxnxpxly Family brother and Strong Island threat John Jigg$ for a double impacted execution of slick talk and quick-witted punchlines. This come up message brimming with fueled street lessons is not gully or gritty in deliverance. In fact, the visuals depict emcees who embrace their rhymes and environment as a source of rescue. The video is also reminiscent of a time when emcees got together to vibe out and embody rhyme schemes and storytelling.

“Mxnxpxly MOBB” is brewing with boom bap cadences and enraptured tones set to revive the essence of Hip-Hop, while Rockwelz and John Jigg$ awaken the dissipated authenticity of lyricism, stamped with a reputable verse from the late Prodigy (RIP).  Watch the video below.