Interview with Emcee/Producer TheRealSkitso

Somewhat of a musical enigma, the High Heat Records (based out of Toronto) crew has been lobbing some incendiary releases of ominous but bangin’ hip-hop over the past year.  These have mostly been courtesy of the label’s flagship duo, FalconCrest (comprised of DNTE and the Falcon Outlaw) however their production co-hort and emcee in his own right TheRealSkitso’s has expanded the brand lovely with his new project, Shock Treatment

Billed as his proper debut solo album, Skitso’s gruff voice (and occasional foray into Buju Banton like / low-timbre choruses) compliment the dusty soul-sampled beats well. Guest appearances come courtesy of the crest as well as Skitso’s Buffalo, NY neighbors Conway The Machine and Westside Gunn . Weekly Rap Gods reached out to find out more.


Your name started ringing out within the last year.  Can you tell us how long you have been emceeing /producing?  What’s been the biggest boost to your career at this point?

Well I been Producing/Emceeing since I was 14 years old,  I would say.  I actually started making beats first, then one day I just decided to try to write a rap to one of the beats I made and It came out dope!  Since that day I’ve been emceeing.   The biggest boost of my career came when I started taking the business side of the music serious. 

You have a soulful & melodic side but ain’t nothing sweet either (lol), what’s your preferred piece of production equipment and do you tend to look for particular sounds/samples when digging?

My preferred piece of production equipment would be FL.STUDIO11.  I really don’t dig for particular sounds/samples, nowadays I might find an ill one while watching a movie or listening to the oldies radio station and sample it. It’s a more sporadic process for me.

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Has Boom-Bap always been your stee-lo or did you gravitate to it at a certain point?

Well boom-bap has always been my stee-lo since I was a kid growing up in the Golden Era/90s listening to cats like Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, M.O.P, Wu-Tang, y’know?

You hail from Buffalo, were you able to link with any of the Griselda cats before their explosion in status? Before that movement was Boom-Bap still a scene locally?

Yea I actually did link up with a couple of Griselda members before their explosion in status.  I linked up with Conway first to record ”Hittin Lic’s” (on Shock Treatment) then not long after that I had linked up with Wes and recorded ”Play Me Out” (also on Shock Treatment) that’s how that went.   No matter how big those two guys get, they taught me how important it is to be professional in this business.   As far as boom-bap it was a small scene locally but Griselda basically brought it back to where it was in the 90s Facts! Shout out to them boys too they holding the town down strong.                    

How did you link up with FalconCrest initially?  Was it a building process before you joined High Heat Records and their team or did you clique up quickly?

Well I linked up with FalconCrest through an associate.  I produced a couple tracks for they album called SOMETHING DIFFERENT that was released last year and from there we clique’d up quickly.  DNTE and the Outlaw are my niggas/family…they cool as hell are dope artists in their own right.  I come see them in Toronto pretty often and while it’s two different countries their hood is pretty much the same it’s just  their city is a lot bigger than Buffalo.

There’s a lot of messages about the come up and self-motivation on ‘Shock Treatment’ were you going through some challenges during the recording of the album or is this your long-term outlook?

Yes I was going through a lot of life challenges during the recording of Shock Treatment.  I lost a couple of my people to the streets and to the prison system.   Those situations definitely helped create some of the songs on the album.     

What are you working on currently?

I’m currently working on Shock Treatment PT.2 at the moment and I’m also doing production for a couple artists you may know as well.                                                                           

What artists outside of the team would you like to produce for / collaborate with?  Any moves in the works to do so?

I would love to produce for / collaborate with M.O.P, Rapper Noyd , Royal Flush.  I’ve actually had a conversation with Flush not that long ago, I’m trying to get him on Shock Treatment PT.2 hopefully we can make it happen.

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