Kheyzine & Yellow Balaclava Present ‘Norman Stansfield’ LP

Kheyzine and Yellow Balaclava recently released Norman Stansfield. The project consists of 15 hardcore joints entirely produced by Kheyzine. The cinematic hip hop sound in the production is uniquely menacing with heavy hip hop drum kicks. The line up on this project is riddled with rugged bar exchanges with that unabashed gritty underground appeal.

The project features Killy Shoot, Whata Mess, General Back Pain, Thezee Asterion, Lupus Dei, Bonkar Jones, Experimental, Blakchyl, Casablanca, Regular Norm, LK Hotel Moscou, Lord Juco, Lughz, Boob Bronx, Mak P, King Coldpack The artwork by Yellow Balaclava depicting notorious fictional villain Norman Stansfield from the movie The Professional. This project would’ve been the ultimate soundtrack for the movie. Each artist is showcased magnificently over Kheyzine’s bold ecclectic boom bap beats. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!