King Magnetic & GQ Nothin’ Pretty Drop ‘David & Goliath: Slingshots’ EP

King Magnetic and GQ Nothin Pretty are back at it with their newest project, ‘David & Goliath: Slingshots’. The EP has 7 tracks and was executive produced by Kut One. The duo have always represented raw, hardbody Hip Hop packed with a lot of verbal punch. It’s good to know what to expect when you’re checking for these heavyweight mic crushers. If you’re looking for something mellow and chill, this is the complete opposite.


The first track, “Ughhh” sets the tone and is very hard hitting. You may want to start off with the volume at a medium level, then turn it up gradually because it is LOUD! The chemistry that Mag and GQ have always had, is showcased on “Waiting On Em” as they trade off bars, tag team style. “F.U.T.P.” is another hardcore track laced with heavy pen game as these two let you know that they’ll F up your party before it even starts. “Don’t Smile Lot” is a bit toned down in terms of production compared to the previous joints, but the duo still shoot  their battle style rhymes. 

You see another side as Mag and GQ on the track “Slave” in which they talk about serious issues in society and history. On “Dumbin Out” you can tell that the pair is used to putting their aggression out on records and they’ll go to war with anyone who tries them. The project comes to a close with “Kut One” as the 2 emcees keep it going with their militant lyrical prowess. From start to finish, be prepared for some serious head bangers because the amount of energy these two bring is insane. Slingshots is available now digitally on all streaming platforms as well as CD copies.

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  1. All songs are fire!!!! Never a disappointment always doing their thing!!

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