Eh Vee Recruits Eternia & Adam Bomb for “Clash of the Titans”

Recording artist Eh Vee returns with the first single to his upcoming EP, Clash of the Titans. The title track sees Eh Vee enlisting legendary Canadian rappers Eternia and Adam Bomb for an onslaught of rhymes, meant strictly for fans of lyricism and cut-throat rapping. Delivering both the first verse and hook, Eternia leads the charge, followed by Eh Vee on the second verse. Adam Bomb concludes the onslaught with a punchline-driven finale.


Production comes by way of frequent collaborator, JSG, and he delivers accordingly with pounding drums laid over a near-haunting piano line. Clash of the Titans is Guelph meets Toronto and one for the ages.

Clash of the Titans EP will contain 6 songs, all featuring some of the best underground hip hop has to offer. Filled with lyricism over neck-breaking production, the EP will be strictly for fans of boom-bap.