Premiere: Apokalips The Archangel, Mr Jack & DJ Flipcyide “Lead By Example” Video

Top Shelf Muzik presents new visuals from Queens thoroughbred Apokalips The Archangel. “Lead By Example”, produced by Mr Jack features exclusive cuts by DJ Flipcyide.


There isn’t any known mankind force that can hinder Archangel for executing bona fide New York Hip-Hop, and “Lead By Example” is no exception. DJ Flipcyide sets the record off with mastered cuts and scratches, building hype for the entrance and ruthless sermon from Apokalips.

The lyrical assassin takes listeners onto a journey of blood, sweat, and grind; one that ends in prevail. He describes a hard life from the beginning of his time through his present day on tainted streets. However, rather than fall victim to another statistic he discovers an indestructible weapon; his voice.

Apokalips references himself to mogul gangsters like Gotti and Corleony as well as a headless horseman coming for fame and fortune. Make no mistake though, he’s representing his borough and taking his day 1’s along for the ride.

The chiming of piano keys mixed with tenacious tones amplifies the aesthetic chemistry between Mr Jack, and DJ Flipcyide, while the message from Apokalips emanates and pulsates through feigning ears.