ILL Bill Joins Forces with Stu Bangas on “Cannibal Hulk” EP

ILL Bill and Stu Bangas drop highly anticipated Cannibal Hulk project. The duo gave fans a sneak preview with Hulk Meat visuals. Stu Bangas soundscape is always innovative and one of a kind listening experience. He creates rugged tracks with his astounding gritty signature and undeniable flair. ILL Bill’s lyrical prowess is potent on this project. His vigor when delivering is exhilarating.


The project features raw fire spitters Goretex, Slaine, Snak the Ripper, Vinnie Paz, Uncle Howie and cuts by Dj Eclipse. The intro starts with a news broadcast warning listeners of pending doom as a result of LSD turning humans into monsters incapable of feeling any pain. The bold colorful comic book theme is spectacular! The cover art shows infected Hulk who was already possessed super human strength in a sea of blood with skeleton heads of what was no doubt his victims. The concept and music are intriguing and masterfully executed. The creativity is intricate and simply amazing. There is no doubt ILL Bill and Stu Bangas caught a few bodies with Cannibal Hulk. Secure your copy today.