Free Mind Digs In ‘The Soul Section’ For New EP

Producer Free Mind presents a dope compilation of emerging hip hop artists titled The Soul Section. There’s no doubt Free Mind was diggin’ in the crates and secured some serious gems. The production is magnetic melodic boom bap. The project consists of 7 songs featuring hot emerging artists such as Definite Mass, Josiah the Gift, Jamil Honesty , Killy Shoot, Juice Lord, I.E. Moe and Joe Mack. DJ Grazzhoppa lends his talent on the cuts.


My favorite joints are Higher Learning, Built for This and Moment in Time! The message in Moment in Time is powerful. It’s okay to disconnect and enjoy special moments like we used to.This is feel good boom bap. It’s an extraordinary project that’s well executed. Free Mind’s soulful soundscape is always a pleasure to listen to. It resonates with me. Each artist gives us potent bars with exquisite lyricism.

The artwork is from Mari Torres of Graphic Minded. The art depicts Free Mind digging in the crates and in the back is a dope vinyl collection in which the Queen of Soul – Aretha Franklin (R.I.P) stood out to me. Who better than the epitome of soul music to grace this cover? The Soul Section is just what hip hop needs right now. Check it out!