Rigz & Chup the Producer Drop ‘Roach Gutta Slums’

Rigz is a top tier emcee who embodies substance and knowledge. He’s also a significant contributor to the rise of Rochester, New York’s independent Hip Hop scene. This is home to some of the highest ranked rhymers, in an area that really started to catch people’s attention over the last couple of years. Rigz connected with Chup the Producer to bring us a full length project called Roach Gutta Slums. Sure enough, the title represents the dirty, grimey, gutter theme of this release, as well as some other surprises.

The intro track, “Roach Spray” is one that I feel a lot of people who grew up in inner city dwellings can relate to. I’m sure many can listen to it and laugh as they’ve more than likely shared similar experiences. On top of that Rigz drops some fire bars right off the bat: 

“We can rap it or blast it my 40 plastic you maggot my verses is boric acid, nothin you made is classic it’s an infestation, ya trash shit is gettin outta hand, I’m roach sprayin you niggas, Rochester brand”

I really enjoyed the more personal and introspective tracks on this project. There’s “$ream”, where Rigz gets really deep about a family fallout over money. The beat is grimey on “Da Trap Couch” ft Jai Black as you can guess what it’s about by the title alone. On “Fool” the beat will put you in a zone and the lyrics will have you in deep thought as Rigz breaks down how most of us are feeding some form of addiction. Whether it’s over drugs, or seeking attention over material things, the track is an eye opener with a message that self reflection is healthy and often neccessary. 

Family Bizness” is another thought provoking track where Rigz again touches on family situations, and how you can move fast if you choose to do everything alone. But in order to move far in life, most of us need some help at some point along the way. The most heartfelt, emotional joint was “Aces” featuring Mooch. I love the drums and the soft piano in the background. It’s about cherishing those who are the closest to you, even if they’re not blood: 

“Was 18 still movin dumb like a minor, grabbed Mooch off the Greyhound he fresh from Carolina/Before he said a word he smiled, threw me 2 bands. If I got it you got it yo, word that’s ya true mans” – Rigz

The most energetic tracks were “Watch Ya Mouth” and “No Kaps”, both featuring Rob Gates and Mooch. If you’re looking for the hard hitting soundscape, these two pack a lot of punch. The other guest features include M.A.V., Dwayne Collins, plus Dark Lo, Estee Nack and Rome Streetz who appear on CD bonus tracks.

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Rigz drops a lot of gems that many of us can learn from, and Chup crafted the ultimate sound of the slums. There’s so much to love about this project, so make sure you check it out for yourself.