Napoleon Da Legend Links with Giallo Point to Release ‘Coup D’Etat 2’

Napoleon Da Legend just released an amazingly dope project by tiled Coup D’Etat 2. It’s solely produced by Giallo Point. The soundscape he creates is an audible delight for hip hop enthusiasts. There are 15 tracks each one an absolute banger! With minimal features from artists such as Rim da Villin , Innocent? Nejma Nefertiti and SmooVth, it has just the right amount of star power. Everyone featured shines with electrifying lyrical prowess.

Napoleon Da Legend has become a new favorite of mine with this project. Some stand out songs are The Davinci Code, Original Sin, Tribe which is refreshing homage to A Tribe Called Quest, Michelin Star and Bullied really evoked strong feelings. It’s about being a young lady being driven to commit suicide because of bullying. This song resonates with me so much being a person who struggles with depression. It’s great when an artist like Napoleon Da Legend touch on topics of this calibre. I respect his artistry. Music with powerful lyrics can have a positive impact on someone’s life. I respect his artisry. The bar game is competitive , thought provoking and hardcore. The stellar production is riveting , rugged boom bap at it’s finest. Coup D’Etat Part 2 is is an astounding listening experience. Don’t take my word for it ! Check it out for yourself!

Watch new Davinci Code visuals featuring Rim Da Villin below!