Eto x DJ Muggs Take Us Through ‘Hells Roof’

Loyal fans of Eto have been anxious for the drop of his collaborative project with the legendary DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill. Brace yourselves, Hells Roof has arrived and it’s packed with massive heat. Both producer and emcee have been dropping some very impressive releases separately, so when they teamed up, the expectations were high. Eto gives us a vivid, verbal depiction of his native Rochester, New York over dark, hard hitting, haunted soundscapes from the Los Angeles based beat extraordinaire. This isn’t for the weak minded or faint of heart, because it’s gritty from start to finish.


The Breakdown

Going into the standout tracks for me, Eto takes us right to the infamous streets of Rochester, New York with the raw, highly infectious “Dominate”, that has an accompanying music video.  Next up,  Eto’s flow complimented the scorching production on “Holy Wine” which was the lead single and also had a visual drop: 

“They ain’t get to their purposes yet/Rock bottom, that’s the worst it could get/Police don’t serve and protect/Don’t bring dirt to the rest”

Next, we’re followed by “Roses” featuring Roc Marciano as they each slice into the track with their distinguished wordplay over a melodic creation from Muggs that was one of the most memorable. 

“Homie” had the hardest, eerie beat that you have to hear for yourself to understand the amount of filth on it. Turn this one up on blast as Eto schools us about why he prefers to move solo:

“What I survive might kill you/They approach bet he won’t answer/Hope I don’t kill you but hope is a poor man’s word”

The drum cadence was nice on “Last Supper”, which has a verse from Meyhem Lauren on it. Eto stays consistent as he goes in first on this track.

“Attics” had a more subtle backdrop that was executed beautifully, and was a contrast to the dark subject matter of the song.

Then there’s “Victory”, with a guest appearance from Willie the Kid. I love the chemistry between Eto and WTK, especially after hearing them on the Heather Grey EP they did with V Don. Muggs outdid himself with this beat that’ll get your sub woofers jumping. 

Overall, I was very impressed with this album and can see it being a contender for top releases of the year. Eto is one of the grimiest spitters, always keeping his bars sharp and straight forward. He obtained some really top notch beats from Muggs who can do some amazing things with drums, samples and layers. It’s also nice to see Muggs, who comes from the earlier days of Hip Hop, working with current artists like Eto, who strive to carry on the torch. The other featured guests were Flee Lord and Big Twins. 

The album is available on most digital platforms with limited edition physical copies on the Soul Assassins website and