Termanology x Avrex x Krumbsnatcha “Mobsters 2” Video

TermanologyAvrex, and Krumbsnatcha link up to release “Mobsters 2” produced by NOTTZ with video by Myster DL.

This problematic trio lyrically blast ‘wanna be’ gangsters hiding behind Sesame Street bodyguards. Termanology sets it off by calling out sideline emcees perpetrating Capone and Scarface facades while fumbling behind a mic.

Avrex and Krumbsnatcha follow Term’s lead with a deliverance of raw, in your face bars. Their venom spews on behalf of all real G’s and rips through the fraudulent disguises and fake clapping.  Simply put without a mic these ‘wanna be’ gangsters are cowards unable to pull off any lyrical or street heist.

NOTTZ captures the crude message of this triple threat and provides a gully arrangement of beats and thumping cadences to accentuate the rawness.  Myster L displays a concrete stage with ‘dumpster here’ boldly sprayed and visible during each MC’s execution of hard truths.

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