Apokalips TheArchangel x Mr Jack Are “DeadBeat”

Apokalips The Archangel releases “DeadBeat”, a personal record about the absence of his father.  The track is produced by Mr. Jack and is the 4th single off “End Of Dayz” album.

Deadbeat Official Cover (Mr. jack)

Apokalips hurls autobiographical lyrics from his gut and heart to deliver a prolific storytelling masterpiece.  The Queens thoroughbred spews hard truths beginning with a melancholy intro of self-talk that leads listeners into a timeline of emotional distress.

Apokalips shares the pain of not knowing his father, not knowing if he’s alive or dead, or even seeing one single photo. Grim lyrics describe his ‘deadbeat’ father choosing drugs over his son and being addicted to the slums.

“I hit the booth hard body while expressing my anger, cause I can’t figure out why my father was a stranger.”

Through it all Apokalips is grateful for his mother, her unconditional love, and his ‘scribbled verses on the pad.’  In the end he vows to keep his head up while moving forward. The mournful, yet soulful tones mixed with hard knocking beats amplifies the emotion felt by Apokalips. Stream “DeadBeat” above and purchase below.

Apokalips The Archangel “DeadBeat” on iTunes