Billy Danze Drops New “Halle Berry” Video Off #TheBillyDanzeProject

World-class Hip-Hop veteran Billy Danze of M.O.P announces the forthcoming release of 6 Pack: #TheBillyDanzeProject. The video for the first single “Halle Berry”, produced by G-Whiz, is an introduction to what fans and Hip-Hop purists can expect from the project, which releases everywhere on March 8th.


A theatrical intro of the colossal M.O.P emblem sets a tone for the anticipated entrance of Danze, reputably known in the boroughs of NY as a lyrical thoroughbred.

The record is a clever fusion of a mobbed-out party and the gritty streets ministered by the OG himself. Danze and his crew are still not about the games and continue to eliminate culture vultures with lyrical, silver bullets all while partying.

In between the head bopping and anthem jumping, Danze reflects on tours in different countries, international currency, custom cars, and worldwide masses giving it up and shouting him out. “I’ll never fade, I came through it all, I’m praised like I’m sprayed on the wall. Upscale first-class bars, you discounted low budget cowards on all fours.”

With an arrangement of hard knocking beats, a catchy hook, and a kaleidoscope of heavy bass and hammering drums, “Halle Berry” is set to manifest listeners into the realm of a New York Hip-Hop euphoria.

Watch “Halle Berry” Now