Awon & Gorilla Glock Release “The Black Paladin” EP

Awon and Gorilla Glock released a dope project titled The Black Paladin. It’s dark gritty boom bap. The concept is dope. The album is like a compelling movie that has narrative following a villain named Zarkan voiced over by Awon. The production from French producer Gorilla Glock is unique and Awon always gives A1 bars.

Hip-hop needs new sounds and layers. This sound is evolved and something I thoroughly enjoy listening to. Projects like this make me proud of the evolution of hip hop. “Whiskey Fisk” is an absolute banger! Im also feeling “Stanley Kubrick” and “Harlem”. It’s okay to venture outside the box and create amazing uninhibited music.

Salute Awon and Gorilla Glock. The Black Paladin is out now! Be sure to check out the plot on this sinister soundtrack.

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